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After years of trying random diets and many unsuccessful attempts at trying to lost weight, I was desperate to try anything that would really work. This program is amazing. The weight fell off and I have been able to keep it off. I would recommend this to everyone who can't lose those stubborn pounds. --Krystle

I think this is a great program for losing weight. You do have to watch what you eat in small portions. The medical staff was a great help. Calorie count is important.

I've been trying to lose weight for years. After having a meeting with Dr. Kedar, he brought HcG information to the meeting. It was a success; I've lost weight, will not gain it back. --Cynthia

I was very pleased with the program. It was easy for me to do since all the foods I could eat were things I enjoy anyway. I was never hungry while on the program. I lost the weight I needed to lose. The program was well worth the cost. -- Judith

At 61 years, I have tried many weight loss programs. With the HcG Weight Loss Program, guidebook, and the helpful people at Metrolina Medical Associates, I am headed for the goal I have set for myself. The program is simple and easy to follow. I do not get hungry nor have cravings during the day. At 4 weeks, I have lost 10 pounds. I am looking forward to wearing the summer clothes I have not worn in some time. This is worth your time and looking into for a safe and easy program. -- Jackie

Without the weight loss program, I was headed in the wrong direction and creating unnecessary medical problems. I have changed my diet and eating habits which has been tremendous for my metabolism. -- A. D.

We have been pleased with the Metrolina Medical Weight Loss Program. Over the last five months, we have lost a combined total of 80 pounds of weight through managed diet and medical supervision. Our lifestyles have improved and we are more focused on our health and fitness.

I tried every diet in the book. Nothing worked except the hCG diet. I loved it. -- L.H.
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